Independent advisors to issuers and borrowers of municipal bonds

Columbia Capital is a full-service municipal bond financial advisor and an investment adviser with a portfolio spanning more than 1,570 transactions representing nearly $83 billion in bonds sold. The firm is registered as a municipal advisor and an investment adviser with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

We are trusted, experienced and fiercely independent.

More than just bond advisors and money managers, we improve the communities in which we work. For decades, we've been making a difference in the world we live in—reshaping skylines, keeping trains running on time and positively impacting how we work, live and play. Our work doesn't just impact institutions—ultimately, it's the businesses and families in these communities that benefit from our efforts.

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Issuers and borrowers large and small, from coast to coast, have relied upon Columbia Capital as a strategic advisor for 25 years.

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Columbia Capital combines 150 years of public finance expertise among its team of highly experienced, proven professionals.

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Columbia Capital is unaffiliated with commercial and investment banks, insurance companies and others in the financial services industry.

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