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For 26 years, Columbia Capital has been a go-to financial advisor for states, state agencies, regional governments, counties, cities and non-profits, particularly in California, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Our deep and experienced team of advisors has built a reputation for excellence in providing advice, especially on complex and challenging transactions.

Columbia Capital's advisory team has served municipal bond issuers and borrowers for 26 years. Our experience spans general obligation, annual appropriation and lease-revenue bonds; transportation, toll road and mass transit bonds; utility revenue bonds; economic development financings; special tax financings; tax, bond and revenue anticipation notes; as well as structured credits and securitizations, including pension bonds, tobacco bonds, tax receipt securitizations, and public-private partnerships.

Columbia Capital has expertise advising:

  • states and state agencies
  • statewide conduit issuers
  • regional governments
  • special districts
  • cities
  • counties
  • community colleges
  • K-12 districts
  • public and private colleges and universities
  • public utilities
  • transportation agencies
  • non-profits
  • iconic issuers
Our clients range from state governments and state agencies to statewide conduit issuers to regional governments to a wide variety of local governments. Our work also extends to non-profits.

Our range of services includes bond transaction advisory services, investment of idle funds and bond proceeds, tax-exempt post-issuance compliance, debt portfolio management and reporting, public-private partnership advisory services, New Markets Tax Credits advisory and a variety of consulting services.

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Case Studies

AltTextGeneral Government

St. Louis County,

St. Louis County, Missouri, an urban county government serving a population of nearly 1 million, asked for Columbia Capital's assistance in maximizing tax-exempt issuance in support of the construction of a world-class youth soccer complex.

AltTextMunicipal Utilities

Missouri SRF

The State Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority (the “EIERA”) selected Columbia Capital Management as its new financial advisor effective July 1, 2014 for its clean water and drinking water revolving loan fund (SRF) programs.

AltTextTransportation Systems


Nearly every component of Bi-State Development's debt portfolio suffered in the wake of the Global Credit Crisis of 2008/2009. As the provider of mass transit for the St. Louis metropolitan area, BSD relied on Columbia Capital to develop a step-wise plan to help it manage through crisis.

AltTextPension Bonds

Riverside County

In 2020 Columbia advised Riverside County on a pension bond financing that had been two years in the making. Despite COVID-19 pandemic uncertainties, the financing was a success, meeting the County's goals from the transaction.

AltTextTax Anticipation Notes

Chicago Public Schools

Columbia Capital serves as financial advisor on CPS's tax anticipation notes program. With the phase-out of LIBOR, Columbia Capital is advising on TANs indexed to SOFR and BSBY.

AltTextLease-Revenue Bonds

City of
San Diego

In 2020 Columbia advised the City of San Diego evaluate and execute a taxable advance refunding in the wake of the COVID emergency, providing the City with refunding efficiency metrics, breakeven metrics, and interest rate sensitivity analysis.

Columbia Capital


Issuers and borrowers large and small, from coast to coast, have relied upon Columbia Capital as a strategic advisor for 26 years.

Columbia Capital


Columbia Capital combines 150 years of public finance expertise among its team of highly experienced, proven professionals.

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Columbia Capital is unaffiliated with commercial and investment banks, insurance companies and others in the financial services industry.