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Columbia Capital follows best practices in public funds management, seeking safety, liquidity and yield, in that order, while working to ensure full compliance with state laws and local investment policies.

Smarter Cash

Our investment advisory services provide cash management and bank consulting services to local governments. Our principal functions include: portfolio management; portfolio accounting and reporting; analysis of banking and custodial relationships; legal compliance; client service; and, economic analysis.

Columbia recommends the highest quality debt issues in managing its clients’ fixed income investments. We seek to avoid credit risk and view derivative securities and similar investments as inappropriate for short-term portfolios of local governments. As of September 30, 2022, we manage approximately $1.487 billion of short-term portfolios and qualify as a registered investment adviser with the SEC.

At a time when municipal finance departments have only gotten smaller, Columbia Capital serves as an extension of staff to ensure the organization's investment program is implemented effectively and with full compliance with state and local laws, trust indentures and investment policies.

In addition to these services, Columbia also serves municipal bond issuers as a broker for various types of structured investments for bond proceeds, including refunding escrows and project fund investment agreements.



idle funds portfolio management


bond proceeds portfolio management


Portfolio Accounting & Reconciliation


GASB 34-compliant reporting


statutory and policy compliance


bank collateral management

Columbia Capital


Issuers and borrowers large and small, from coast to coast, have relied upon Columbia Capital as a strategic advisor for 26 years.

Columbia Capital


Columbia Capital combines 150 years of public finance expertise among its team of highly experienced, proven professionals.

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Columbia Capital is unaffiliated with commercial and investment banks, insurance companies and others in the financial services industry.